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Transitional Housing

Our transitional housing is limited in duration usually from several months up to two years. On average our residents stay in this program for one year. Its intention is to help people transition from a housing crisis into a permanent, stable housing situation. Their crisis may have been caused by a medical condition, resulting in hospitalization, loss of employment, homelessness or stays in a homeless shelter, and/or other effects of the disease progression of HIV/AIDS.

Our focus and goal in this program is to provide temporary housing and services to individuals to ensure access to healthcare, increase medication education and adherence, promote a healthy diet and lifestyle, connect with community resources and access available benefits allowing for further medical stabilization and the opportunity to secure permanent housing. This program is ideal for the individual who temporarily needs an extra hand and support to regain independence. Often it is necessary to assist individuals in developing the skills and provide ongoing resources needed to succeed in permanent housing.

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