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Supervised Independent Living

Project Lazarus’ Supervised Independent Living Program is designed as a progression to permanent housing. Residents of this program have increased their knowledge of their disease process and their ability to manage their daily life. This program offers residents more autonomy and the opportunity and responsibility of greater independence.

Staff supports are more limited than in the Residential Programs of Houses One, Two and Three and are focused on residents’ practicing independent living skills, including: self-care, cooking, cleaning, money management, leisure-time planning and increased social living skills. Residents may also work on accepting greater responsibility for self-medication.

Supervised Independent Living residents will have a commitment of work, school or volunteerism inside and/or outside of the program. This requirement will be individualized based on the resident’s physical, medical and overall emotional well-being, but the expectation is that there will be a daily and/or a weekly commitment to meet these goals.

The goal of service provision in the independent living program is resident empowerment and skills building in an independent living environment. Whenever possible, the staff will prompt the resident in skill development or advocating on one's own behalf.


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